Sketches + Sketchbook Pages

I keep a few different sketchbooks going at any given time: two or three "traditional" sketchbooks of various sizes where I'll draw in pen on either white or toned paper; and then more recently, I also keep a 3.5" x 5" pocket sized sketchbook that's more like a cross between an Artists' Book and a sketchbook. I use those to create finished compositions in a super-colorful, 90's inspired, grungy format involving image transfers and lots of water soluble colored pencils, watercolors, pastels and then cross hatching in pen on top. The sketchbooks look very different from one another in substance and style but at the end of the day they're two sides of the same coin.

Mixed Media Portrait 1
Saint Agatha
Pencil sketch
Portrait of Andrea del Sarto
Red and white chalk study
Pencil copies after Michelangelo
Pencil copies after Michelangelo 3