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Artist Bio

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I'm a bundle of contradictions and so is my art. I was born in Texas and raised in New York. I'm Irish Catholic (by blood) and yet Jewish (by adoption); degrees in Writing (left brain) and Drawing (right brain). I enjoy the marriage of apparent opposites and find the challenge of reconciling mutually exclusive ideas and styles alluring. 


After working as a Met Museum guard in my 30s I was inspired to eventually go back for my MFA in Drawing in my 40s at the New York Academy of Art. I work as an Art Director in the Cannabis Industry and moonlight as a Drawing instructor.

Lately the world feels awash in trash. Not only is it literally stacked on every corner where I live and work in Manhattan but it's abundant in our partisan politics; in pop culture; and in recent Supreme Court decisions. We are drowning in garbage being delivered as soundbites, click bait, and talking points. Not to mention the real stuff! Bags and bags and bags of trash.

As we collectively wonder if we haven't reached some kind of tipping point as a society, or a world; even as a planetary ecosystem... I'm trying to witness the entropy with an artist's eye and stay in my lane. Keep my focus on technique and art history and finding new ways to make my drawings, and the act of drawing itself, feel fresh.


Making something focused, and artistic, out of other people's discarded detritus also feels appropriate as metaphor for my own adoption; and follows in the footsteps of 20th Century trash aesthetes like Rauschenberg and Picasso. 


Educated at New York Academy of Art (MFA) and SUNY Purchase (BA).

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