Belvedere Torso Sketches

When I was living in London the British Museum received a 3 month loan from The Vatican... The Belvedere Torso! The opportunity to sketch it from life, without the throngs of tourists ordinarily swarming it at The Vatican Museums was a rare treat I couldn't help but take advantage of again and again. I actually became a member of the museum just to come back as often as possible... I wound up doing 30+ sketches from various angles. Great practice!

"The School of Michelangelo"


The Belvedere Torso is a marble fragment - missing arms, legs, a neck and head - of an ancient male nude and it was Michelangelo's favorite sculpture. So much so that in his lifetime (and with his blessing) it was referred to as, "The School of Michelangelo" because he studied it so exhaustively. In fact it so radically affected his core-conception of the male form that scholars say he painted it more than 20 times in the Sistine Chapel alone. So when it was on loan to The British Museum while I happened to be living in London I availed myself of the opportunity to visit it, and sketch it, often.

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