Sewing Patterns & (Mostly) Mixed Media Drawings

I find myself using sewing patterns for layering and collage quite a lot. I've been aesthetically attracted to them since childhood when my grandmother would always have a new pattern spread out, like an elaborate blueprint she was studying before a bank heist... open on her sewing table. We slept in her sewing room as kids, and were there a lot. I should probably mention I'm adopted and to me they represent a philosophy about intentions and trajectories and unexpected outcomes. Patterns are broken. Original intentions marred. Beauty and meaning emerge from mayhem. I like the literal experience speaking to the metaphorical of expectations being constantly adjusted as layers of weathering become visible. I also love the color of the pattern paper; it reminds me of flesh and the patina of Old Master drawings. Another childhood obsession...

Andrew's Degas Pose
Self Portrait, May 2020
Adoption Allegory 03
Nature VS Nurture
Head Study 01
The Anxieties of Confinement
Head Study 05: Maxwell
Head Study 04: Lujan
By My Hand (detail)
Like Duran Duran and Greek Vases
Seeing Through The Bullshit
Allegory of Romantic Love
Mixed Media Self Portrait
Self Portrait in London, 2016
Portrait of a Man (sold)
Portrait of Samuel Beckett (sold)
This Is Not Forest Whitaker
Museum Series, British Museum 03
Allegory of One Point Perspective
Walter Liedtke at Quitting Time
Museum Series, V&A (01)
Museum Series, Vatican 03
Portrait of Linda
Head Study
Portrait of Irish Cmdr Pat Madden
Portrait of Rosa (Kenny) Madden
Portrait of a Stranger
Portrait of Mark Twain (Sold)
Portrait of Sire
Portrait of a Hunting Dog
Bob Dylan
Tom Waits
Jefferson Beauregard
Portrait of George "Lucky" Barwell
Quarantine Week 1
Museum Series, Louvre 02
Museum Series, V&A 02
Portrait of Mike
Roger John
Death Mask (Portrait, Chris Cornell)
Portrait of J. William Fulbright
'Why They Banned Cameras'
Victoria & Albert II
Leonard Cohen
Portrait of Basil Barwell
Thomas Madden
Ecorche Study
Which way is up
Anatomica ia
Anatomica iia
Layne Staley

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