About Me

I was born in Texas and raised in New York. I received a BA in English with a concentration in Poetry from SUNY Purchase and am currently an MFA candidate at The New York Academy of Art. I am a former student of The Art Students League and completed a yearlong independent study of Old Master drawings at The British Museum in 2015.


There is a duality in me that's reflected in the work: Catholic (by blood) and Jewish (by adoption); Texan (by birth) and New Yorker (since birth). I received my Irish citizenship in 2019 but am thoroughly American. I mine highbrow and lowbrow aesthetics equally and earnestly. I realize the language of art exists to give utterance to ideas and responses which verbiage often obscures; to make manifest our inner explorations, and to leave as testament for the sake of posterity.


My recent drawings and paintings are a self-portraiture-based investigation of meaningfulness, inconsequentiality, and memory. I enjoy the marriage of apparent opposites and the challenge of reconciling mutually exclusive ideas and styles. I often use humor as the long lens through which to view, and ultimately accept, an obsessive desire to remain in a constant state of inquiry.

Self Portrait Feeling Mortality in Acade
nyc artisti Phil Eliot Padwe in Tribeca studio