Born in Dallas, TX, I was given up for adoption at birth by an ex-nun and raised in New York by a Jewish family. I recently discovered that my birth-mother was not only an Irish nun ( Order of the Clares for 17 years); born and raised in Dublin and Roscommon; but that she was orphaned at age 5 and was similarly adopted (by extended family). Also HER mother (my maternal grandmother) never knew her mother because she died shortly after giving birth. Making me the 3rd generation in a row to never meet my biological mother.

Meeting my birth-mother's family in Ireland, and recently receiving Irish citizenship, have opened exciting new avenues for artistic and narrative exploration. I also discovered this year I have a half-sister who's 9 months older than me (because I was conceived the day she was born) with whom I share a father. Ask me about that story in person...

There is a natural sense of duality: Catholic and Jewish; Texan and New Yorker; Irish and American; high brow and lowbrow; intrinsic to my thinking and it extends plainly to my work. My art has always sought a balance between apparent opposites: the highly finished and unfinished; black and white and brilliant color; between abstractions and realism; usually while exploring identity and mood using the figure as muse.

My current work uses sewing patterns for layering and collage and I've been tearing them for re-assembly in unexpected ways as a metaphor for my adoption and life journey.


10 years ago I was a guard at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the night shift and I filled 20 sketchbooks with nearly 1,000 drawings... that's where I learned to 'really draw.'


After leaving the Met I was fortunate to live, with my wife, in London for two years where I completed a year-long independent study of Old Master drawings at The British Museum. Having London as a launchpad also allowed dozens of trips to the great touchstones of Western art; the museums and cathedrals of Europe, where we were able to 'drink from the source' and walk in the footsteps of the great masters. 


A lifelong NYer, I was self taught until my 40's when I joined The Art Students League and studied with Frederick Brosen and Costa Vavagiakis. I'm currently an MFA candidate, just completed my first year, at the New York Academy of Art where I've had the unbelievable experience of studying with Wade Schuman, Jon DeMartin, Michael Grimaldi, Roberto Osti, and Randy McIver. 

About Phil

BIO (as illustrator, 10+ years ago):

Children's Books (by Phil):

• Padwe, Phil; Mommy Has A Tattoo; Mommy Has Tattoos, Publisher; 2006

• Padwe, Phil; Tattoo Coloring Book #1; Mommy Has Tattoos, Publisher; 2006

• Padwe, Phil; Mami Hat Ein Tattoo; Mommy Has Tattoos, Publisher/Wildcat; 2007

• Padwe, Phil; Tattoo Malbuch; Mommy Has Tattoos, Publisher/Wildcat; 2007

• Padwe, Phil; Daddy Has A Tattoo; Mommy Has Tattoos, Publisher, 2011

• Padwe, Phil; Tattoo Coloring Book #2; Mommy Has Tattoos, Publisher, 2012

Magazine Articles:

• “Mammy Has A Tattoo”; Tattoo Society; January, 2009

• “What’s That, Mommy?”; Parenting Magazine; October 2008

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• Perry; “Mommy Has A Tattoo”; Total Tattoo Magazine; November, 2006

• Sharer, Lisa; “Mommy Has A Tattoo”; Prick Magazine; September, 2006


Radio (Talk Show) Appearances:

NPR: The Bryant Park Project. Alison Stewart. September 13, 2007.

SPIN 1038 Radio, Dublin, Ireland.

Capitol Radio, London UK.

KMOX Radio, St. Louis, MO.

KBPI Radio; The Locker Room. Denver, CO.

WBAL Radio; Morning Radio. Baltimore, MD.

WDVE Radio; Pittsburgh, PA.

92Q Radio, Syracuse, NY.


Newspaper Articles:

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• Bad Girls From Valley High. Dir. John T. Kretchmer. Universal Studios, 2005. (Songwriting credits; also appeared as “Heavy Metal Singer” in Music Video featured in the film).

• Red Light, Go. KSK Studios. 2002. (Songwriting credits)


Internet Features:

NPR: The Author and His Ink, September 14, 2007.

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